G'day, We're Ben, Baxter and Mike

We work collaboratively with our clients, applying a practical lens totransform their ideas into reality.

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Meet Ben

"I love transforming rooms in peoples houses, sometimes the changes we make can make a huge impact on our client's lives. I often say we are not just in our client's house for a month but we are in their lives, we get them know them and become friends with them. I love working with a great team of professionals that genuinely enjoy what they do and love coming to work everyday. I would never let someone build a ultra modern bathroom in a 100 year old, I like to be sympathetic to the rest of the house. I keep one eye on whats popular on Instagram and whats trending in colours and styles but mostly I like to meet the clients and design each bathroom with its owners in mind. Each bathroom we do is bespoke for the clients."

Meet Baxter

"At Bespoke Bathrooms we all get along, and we work hard to help each other deliver a quality bathroom to our clients in all aspects. As a new owner of a (very) small bathroom, I really enjoy reconfiguring rooms to maximise functionality and use of space. When we demolish a bathroom it's always interesting to see what relics and notes from previous renovations or builds have been left behind. It's mostly old bottles and newspapers, but I'm hopeful we'll unearth some treasure one day!"

Meet Mike

"It's a privilege to come onto site and work with a skilled, professional and down to earth team, whilst helping transform clients visions into bathrooms of their dreams. I love seeing the reactions and emotions of the clients when their bespoke bathroom is finally revealed. I can't pick favourites. Each bathroom is unique offering different highlights and Bespoke aspects. The next bathroom becomes the favourite, watching the transformation from dreary and tired, to fresh, functional and life changing."

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